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A Chef’s Table Inspired by Art

SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites, Mendoza, Argentina.

Experience Argentine luxury at La VidA restaurant at SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites, pioneering winemaker Susana Balbo’s first foray into hotels, located in the famed wine region of Mendoza, Argentina. Chef Flavia Amad creates a gastronomic journey inspired by the hotel’s signature art piece, the Tree of Life by Sergio Roggerone. The 14-course dining experience is influenced by the seven main elements of the Tree of Life, including the roots, trunk, flowers, birds, branches, fruits, and insects. Traditional Argentinian cuisine meets high-quality, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Guests of La VidA become interpreters of each dish, embracing free interpretation and concentrating their senses as each course builds. A seven course menu is paired with Susana Balbo wines.

Chef Flavia Amad of La Vida Restaurant says, “In Sergio Roggerone’s piece of art, viewers can appreciate different colors, textures, writings, and Susana’s life story. The artwork inspired us here at La Vida to play with our creativity and translate the work into dishes where the protagonists are the products of Mendoza and Argentina. At the same time the piece of art also allows us to express a little of our own “Tree of Life” as chefs by combining our own personal experiences and traditions.”