At Susana Balbo Unique Stays, what we really long for is a feeling of connection with like-minded people, nature, good design and the best of ourselves. We also recognize that we are a natural heritage that belongs to all of its residents, both now and in the future. As a consequence, we have adopted the following environmental commitment measures.


– Photocell illumination in the path, parking area, and hull outside.

-The stokers are lit with BIOETHANOL. It is a sustainable energy derived from cellulose-rich plants such as sugar beets, sugar cane, and some cereals such as corn. Its application minimizes harmful gas emissions.

-LED lighting throughout the hotel.


-Employees in non-operational areas can work remotely some days of the week, reducing the environmental impact.

-Collaboration with local suppliers.

-We hire bicycles so that our guests can explore the property’s surroundings in an environmentally friendly manner.

-All of the products used as amenities in the Spa Suites and Wellness Center are cruelty-free.


-Donation of used batteries to Rayén Curá.

-Recycling of used coffee capsules.

-Mini-doses in the Spa Suites have been replaced by refillable containers.

-Perimeter fence made of recycled metal from oil activity (drill rod, tubing pipe).


-Cultivation of aromatic herbs for use in food preparation and decoration. For example, rosemary with lavender.

-Donation of oil used in the production of soap, candles, and biofuel.

-Waste separation.


-The gardens’ watering is automated and drip irrigation. For efficient use, this process is changed according to the seasons and is managed from a designated water reservoir.

-Dispensers are used in the laundry to maximize laundry load, optimize product use, and demonstrate a commitment to water conservation by reducing the number of washes with reduced load.